If you purchase Thrive Architect this plugin alone, it’ll be a one-time fee. However, there’s an option for you to purchase their membership which allows you to gain access to all Thrive plugins and themes (this is a very good deal in my opinion). In this case, it will be either a quarterly fee or a yearly fee depending on your choice. Thrive Themes does provide a lot of training and support to help its customers so don’t worry that you don’t have the technical skill to use it. It’s all drag and drop. They make it so simple that anyone can handle it.
Yeah so there’s nothing wrong with selling you the tools you need, whether it be stuff they own or promote. Because (depending on the business model) there are always going to be varying costs involved. In this case with what they are teaching you, these costs are reasonably high if you buy everything they recommend, and pay for traffic which they also recommend.
I checked out a webinar a couple of weeks after publishing this and it was actually pretty good. I was half expecting a webinar in the form of a sales pitch (common among these things), BUT it turns out that Adam delivered a really helpful webinar! Granted, it was only 1 webinar I viewed but I did find value in it for sure. Adam also answered questions from newbies too which is cool. Are the webinars worth $47 per month? Potentially. Depends on the content and I guess it’s something you’d have to check out yourself, maybe watch each one for the first 4 weeks.
Also note that you don’t have to pay the $47 every month, that is ONLY necessary if you want to access the weekly webinars within the platform. So realistically, you could just test this out for $47 one time and if you like what you see, buy the CB Builder as well. Much cheaper option. If you like the webinars continue the $47 subscription and just cancel if you don’t. You can also ask them to unlock all of the modules right away too if you’re like me and don’t like drip fed content lol.
I just completed week 8 after spending about 30 minutes every other day and $47 to digest this affiliate marketing thing. I’ve had reservations since day one as the information seems outdated. Everything your review mentions is true. My own research on their claims back it up as I’m skeptical by nature. Before I took the next step and spend another $500 I decided to dig a little deeper and found your blog and am so glad I did. Their niches suck, and amazingly their number one popular product to market is Clickbank! the second most popular is the dog training Adam keeps mentioning in the affiliate path.