I DO know Wealthy Affiliates first-hand as I WAS a member for 1 year. I used 3 websites through them and I was successful BEHIND the scenes with networking and connecting with people but there I did not get the help I needed or wanted. It wasn’t like I did not reach out to others either but the worst part of being there is right now over a year later.
“I am very excited because I have wanted to create an online business for a while and this is going to help me do that. I want to control my work life. For years, I have been stuck in a cubicle looking for a way out. This is it. I’ll be able to live the life that I have always dreamed of, which doesn’t include a cubicle. Thanks so much for putting this together.”
And as I said before, you can actually use the training inside Wealthy Affiliate to promote Clickbank products. The beauty of this is that the training itself there is very open ended so you can choose to promote CB products, Amazon products, or any other affiliate network you wish to do business with, the system works all around and like I’ve said before, using the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve promoted numerous Clickbank products, with amazing success over the years. 

For the very first time, The creators are gonna be hosting their own live events and they’d love for you to join them, that’s why as a member of Clickbank University 2.0, you’re gonna be eligible for massive savings on the entry fee. …Guaranteed these are gonna be life-changing events not only because of the knowledge you’re gonna gain, but the lasting relationships you’re gonna build.
I joined Clickbank some time back but didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Recently I started getting curious about how to go about creating my own products. I got a link through to some of the Clickbank University promo videos and then came across your Youtube review. Really great review and it’s good to hear there’s a lot of good quality training in there.

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one thing you did not get into in the review is the time frame. From what you have said about the drip fed content I gather that they time limit you so that you have to extend membership another month, i think that is bs. Also, how can you survive if you pay out all this money and only get a sale here and there? One sale a month from click bank will not even pay the $47 monthly cost. How long does it take to get your first sale? I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while, doing the blogging pages, the ppc, fb, twitter and only got a couple amazon sales which accounted for diddly squat. i ended up putting all this time and money into it but got dimes and nickles back. I wish there was one program out there that real people are using right around me so i can see what they do. No body actually uses any of these products that you can sit down and watch, and i don’t mean watching a video or looking a snapshots of earnings that you can’t confirm. Show me a program my neighbors are using that i can actually see it working first hand right with em. I realize that people must be making money because it costs money to buy these domains and to be number three on google like you mastered, people who can’t do that, they do not make money. Paid traffic is good, but if you are not getting organic leads…. you end up loosing. You do provide a good review and it was a very insightful breakdown of clickbank university.
First of all, I’m not saying you MUST host your website at ClickBank. But if you’ve started building website using their Builder tool, it’s hard for you to move it somewhere else, not because they hold “hostage” to your website. It’s because the contents are built in such a way that it can only be shown properly using their Builder. When you move your website to somewhere else, you have to spend a lot of time re-doing all the content to make it look visually appealing. You get my point here? This is just like many other content/page builders. Once you stop using the plugin, your content is no longer readable.
First of all, I have been with WA for years and I’am getting good results. So you definitely have no rights to say that I’m misinformed or anything like that. Just because you had some problems for your site in WA, it doesn’t mean WA has the full responsibility for it. I’ll explain later. But to be honest, I must say you’re the one that’s misinformed.
“I got really excited to find CB University a few months ago because one of my dreams this year was to create my own products instead of just promoting other people’s products. I’m glad to say that I’ve been taking action on my own product and I’m on my way to work on releasing my own new product very soon. Thank you Justin and Adam for what you guys do. Very inspirational to see both of you create a platform like this to help other people live their dreams. That’s exactly what I ultimately want to do as well. Taking that step one step at a time. Thank you!”
But in spite of all that, CB University is still a program I would definitely recommend to anyone (as a second alternative) who is either getting started in internet marketing, wanting to take their passion to the world and do business. There are MANY benefits of having an online business whether as a vendor or affiliate and it doesn’t have the same red tape you’d encounter in the offline world. 
I purchased Clickbank Builder, unfortunately, a while back ago. They promised that certain templates for different niches were “coming soon” and that you could build “unlimited membership sites. They added only about 1 or 2 new templates in the past 240 days since I purchased it and there is no way to build a membership site. Since I am passed 30 days, they won’t refund me, nor have they directly answered my statement about not delivering on a product they are marketing. Scandalous!