In case you are looking for a detailed ClickBank University 2.0 Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of ClickBank University 2.0 training program to discover everything about it, It’s features, ClickBank University 2.0 OTO details and how this step-by-step training course will show you how to Start Making Money With ClickBank….

Yeah so there’s nothing wrong with selling you the tools you need, whether it be stuff they own or promote. Because (depending on the business model) there are always going to be varying costs involved. In this case with what they are teaching you, these costs are reasonably high if you buy everything they recommend, and pay for traffic which they also recommend.
I’m anxious to share this with others and I would encourage anybody that has any interest knowing how to start selling products or just helping others sell their product being an affiliate to be able to hook up with Justin because he’s going to change your life. Thank You Justin, thank you for being so humble and so sincere your humility is astonishing and I greatly admire you.”
“I am investing in myself, I have been wanting to start a online business for over two years, so that I can create the lifestyle I have always dreamed of having and have a better life for myself. CBU is the tool and is going to help me launch my life and have my new beginning. I am soo grateful and thankful, for a new start. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Thank you Justin and Adam!!!”

This is a good lead-in to one of my gripes (not specifically about this course) but also is a strong recommendation for anyone looking to train in this or any similar program. It can also be a reason why people leave negative reviews. If you are going to undertake a training program, what you get out of it will be a reflection of what you put in to the course.
3) For the bank account, I don’t think it’s necessary to set up a business account or something. I’m not really familiar with the banking system and the rule just yet. But a lot of my friends are doing well with normal bank accounts if I’m not wrong. Anyway, most of the time, your affiliate commission will be paid to your PayPal account first. After that, you can then transfer it to your own bank account if you need the money.
Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

I joined Clickbank some time back but didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Recently I started getting curious about how to go about creating my own products. I got a link through to some of the Clickbank University promo videos and then came across your Youtube review. Really great review and it’s good to hear there’s a lot of good quality training in there.
Also note that you don’t have to pay the $47 every month, that is ONLY necessary if you want to access the weekly webinars within the platform. So realistically, you could just test this out for $47 one time and if you like what you see, buy the CB Builder as well. Much cheaper option. If you like the webinars continue the $47 subscription and just cancel if you don’t. You can also ask them to unlock all of the modules right away too if you’re like me and don’t like drip fed content lol.

And as I said before, you can actually use the training inside Wealthy Affiliate to promote Clickbank products. The beauty of this is that the training itself there is very open ended so you can choose to promote CB products, Amazon products, or any other affiliate network you wish to do business with, the system works all around and like I’ve said before, using the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve promoted numerous Clickbank products, with amazing success over the years. 

It should also be noted that as with any course available (you can't really avoid this, sorry!) there will always be extra costs. Buying a domain, web hosting, keyword research tools, email marketing platform and a funnel builder. These being just some of the basic things you will need. It is important to be aware of all these things going in to a new project so you can plan accordingly. This is obviously before paid advertising if that is a route you choose to take.
I am a Clickbank member who just woke up to a 5:30 am text about second $297 charge for the lifetime access to Clickbank Builder & right before the holidays no less! I guess I missed the notification about the second charge somewhere in my elation about a lifetime product price I could actually afford! It’s my business account that was charged so I only keep the monthly fees I KNOW about in the account each month, so as you can probably imagine, this was a cluster #*$!!, if you know what I mean. I would like to sign up for your course as well, & get all the guidance I can, but I’ll have to use what I’ve already got set up. To expensive to discard & too much of my valuable time invested. Will you allow me in knowing my current situation?
Yeah it’s definitely a legit program and there is value there. I guess I am more a fan of Wealthy Affiliate though overall. Because WA teaches you how to bootstrap your business from practically nothing, and you learn how to get free traffic to your sites. So the cost is way lower (all things considered) and it works. I know this first hand because thanks to WA I now earn a full time income with affiliate marketing.

If you purchase Thrive Architect this plugin alone, it’ll be a one-time fee. However, there’s an option for you to purchase their membership which allows you to gain access to all Thrive plugins and themes (this is a very good deal in my opinion). In this case, it will be either a quarterly fee or a yearly fee depending on your choice. Thrive Themes does provide a lot of training and support to help its customers so don’t worry that you don’t have the technical skill to use it. It’s all drag and drop. They make it so simple that anyone can handle it.
Clickbank University is a good product that's worth the monthly membership cost of $47/month. I think that for someone looking to create and promote their own digital info product through Clickbank, this is probably going to be your best investment. If you are an “expert” in something and want to make money off of your knowledge, now's the time to start!